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Lisa Larente - Principal

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Helping Hands

Forest Hill Senior has HELPING HANDS!


Our “Helping Hands” program has taken new life and meaning this year. We are encouraging and rewarding students for something as simple as helping out and being extra nice. It’s easy and so rewarding. All kids have to do is get caught……..doing something nice.

All staff members are supplied with “Helping Hands” coupons. When they witness a child going out of their way to help out, they reward him/her with a coupon. The child in turn comes to office to sign the “Helping Hands” book in the office and explains what he/she did to warrant receiving the coupon. 

The first time the student receives a coupon, he/she is given a plasticised/individualized membership card. When he/she accumulates 5 hole punches on the card, they receive a special reward. Should they make it up to 10 before the end of the school year; they receive yet another special reward.
To see the expression on their faces when presented their card is priceless. All this is because they were extra kind and helped someone.



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