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For Parents

General Information


School Hours

8:45 am Bus arrival / Supervision available
8:55 am Classroom instruction begins
10:00 – 10:15 am Cycle 3 Recess (15 minutes)
11:00 – 11:15 am Cycle 2  Recess (15 minutes)
12:15 pm Lunch
12:15 – 1:15 pm Supervision by lunch time supervisors
1:15 pm Classroom instruction begins  
3:20 pm Classes end  
3:30 pm Buses leave school grounds  




Please make sure to call the school office prior to 9:00 a.m. to advise us of your child’s absence or late arrival. A voice mail service is on hand at all times of the day to leave messages. Should you not call, the school will be calling to verify your child’s absence.  Please make every effort to avoid unnecessary phone calls on our behalf by using the system.     

WHEN CALLING TO REPORT YOUR CHILD”S LATE ARRIVAL OR ABSENCE PLEASE CALL : 514 798 5556 (Senior Campus) Press 3 for “Attendance” mailbox



Emergency School Closures

  • You may consult the school board’s website for school closures www.lbpsb.qc.ca

  • When possible, closures will also be on the school’s website.

  • An ERMS phone/email message will also be done for closures.

  • The following radio/TV stations will also make the necessary announcement in the case of an emergency closure. Parents are to listen for closure of the «Lester B. Pearson School Board».

Listed by order of who receives the call first: TV stations to receive the call:
Virgin 95.9 FM
CHOM 97.7 FM
Global TV


If the school is closed unexpectedly during the day, it is important that we have on file the name, phone # and address of the place your child is to go in such an emergency. A form will be sent home early in the year requesting that information.




If your child must leave during school hours for an appointment, please write a note to the teacher in your child’s agenda. When picking your child up during school hours, you must go to the office and your child will be called from class. All children must be signed out in the "Log Book" in the entrance prior to their departure. If your child would normally attend Daycare that day, please make sure to advise the office. The message will in turn be passed onto the Daycare.



Holidays during the School Year

Parents that go on holiday during the school year and take their children with them must assume responsibility for any loss their child might suffer due to the absence from school. Teachers cannot be expected to prepare an individual study plan for each child on holiday. We suggest that, should you take your child away on holiday, you have him/her do some work in the area of Reading, Spelling, Mathematics and French each day. Perhaps consider a travel journal.  

Please make every effort possible not to have your child(ren) miss consecutive school days because of sporting events and/or extended vacations.


Exam periods: You will be notified by teachers of exam periods. These exams are administered over extended periods of time and students should be present.



Outdoor Clothing

Parents are reminded that the children go outside throughout the year. They may be waiting for the school bus, out at recess or during the lunch period and need appropriate clothing for the weather. If it is raining or exceptionally cold, the children will remain indoors at a.m. recess and/or lunch.



Shoes/Physical Education

Each child is required to have in school at all times a pair of “indoor shoes”. These shoes are to be worn inside the school only. BLACK soles are not permitted in the school or in the gym. When children go outdoors, they are to change their shoes before going outside and again when coming back inside. 

All students have Physical Education classes 3 times over a 6 day cycle. They are required to wear appropriate clothing, footwear and are encouraged to wear a red Forest Hill T-shirt (optional). The school T-shirt can be purchased through the Forest Hill Home & School.



Appropriate Phy Ed Clothing

All students are expected to wear a T-shirt on gym days as well as have indoor and outdoor running shoes (depending on where the class takes place).


PERMITTED CLOTHING: Sports shorts, track pants, sweat pants, leggings and yoga pants
CLOTHING NOT PERMITTED: Cargo shorts/pants (pockets on sides), jeans, skorts/skirts.


We do allow the students to change during our class time if they don't get the opportunity to do so beforehand.



Homework, Books & Items Forgotten at School

Should students forget their books, homework or any other item AT SCHOOL, THEY WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO RETURN TO THE CLASSROOM TO RETRIEVE IT.



Homework, Books & Items Forgotten at Home

Should students forget their books, homework or any other item AT HOME, THEY WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CALL HOME TO HAVE THE ITEM DELIVERED. Only a forgotten lunch will warrant a phone call home.



Protocol for the Administration of Medication at School

In every school, illness is an everyday occurrence. Usually it is easily dealt with by a period of rest, relaxation, warm compresses, etc. This, nearly always, deals with the situation in a satisfactory manner.  

However, some medical conditions require that medication be give on a regular basis. Therefore, if a child needs to take medicine at school, certain procedures must be followed before we can accept the responsibility that this medication be kept and administered in school.

  1. The medicine must come in its original container with the pharmacist’s label and the dosage to be administered.

  2. The doctor’s authorization will also be acceptable.

  3. We also need written permission from the parents authorizing us to administer the medication.

  4. Please send only one container per child.  For hygiene reasons and to avoid errors, we cannot, for example, have two children using the same inhaler.

  5. All medication with an expired date will be returned home.  It is the parent’s responsibility to renew all prescriptions on time.

If possible, ask your doctor to prescribe antibiotic medication at 8 or 12 hour intervals to cut down on the amount taken at school. If this is not possible, ask the pharmacist to supply the medication in two containers, one for school and one for home.  

As soon as there is a change in your child’s medical condition, please advise us.


Please note that all prescription medications must be hand-delivered to the school office by an adult and given to one of the school’s administration or Daycare personnel. 
Children are not to bring prescription medications to school in their school bag.



Food/Environmental Allergies & EpiPens

An increasing number of our students have allergies, some are highly allergic. Forest Hill is a PEANUT CONTROLLED SCHOOL. We therefore ask that you be extremely vigilant with your child(ren)’s snacks and lunches. For this reason, children cannot share food with their peers.  

We would also ask that you refrain from sending birthday/holiday snacks/cakes to school for these reasons.

In classes with highly allergic students, an extra letter with specific instructions about which foods to avoid will be sent home in the school opening package.



Children can be anywhere in the building at any given time (phys ed, music, computer room, outdoors, etc.).  For these reasons, children with EpiPens are strongly encouraged to carry them around their waist at all times and have an extra one at the office.  

It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that ALL EpiPens are replaced based on expiry dates.  

All students are required to carry their EpiPens on themselves at all times.

Information is available regarding the purchase of “EpiBelts” through the office or the school nurse.

CLSC Nurse: Marcia Owen 450 454 6171 #333



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