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Program information

We are a Grade 3 – 6 elementary school that follows the immersion program. Students spend 50% of their instruction time in English and 50% in French on a one day English and one day French schedule.
We subscribe to the Deep Learning Philosophy. We incorporate the 6 C’s into everything we do.
We use technology as a tool for learning. Our school is equipped with chromebooks and smart boards in each classroom. We have a library which serves as a multi-purpose space and has a studio. The Studio at Forest Hill Senior was created in order to meet the needs of our ever-changing world: It was partially based on the MakerSpace movement, STEM/STEAM initiatives, and the 6Cs, which are skills everyone needs in all facets of life: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character, Citizenship.

ENGLISH: 615 Minutes per week

English Language Arts 255
Math 300
Culture & Quebec Citizenship 60

FRENCH: 615 Minutes per week

French 375
Univers Social 90
Arts Plastique 60
Science & Technologie 90

***Please note that teaching partners can decide what language Culture & Quebec Citizenship and Art will be taught in as long as one is in English and one is in French. 

*** Please note that Sex. Ed is now fully integrated into the Culture & Quebec Citizenship curriculum.

SPECIALIST TIME: 270 Minutes per week

Physical Education 150
Music 100
40 minutes every 2nd week using a Week A & Week B schedule